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Chinese shoes Network December 18 hearing, Nike (NKE) announced after US stocks closed soon, just past second-quarter profit totaled $ 375 million, close 76 cents per share, compared with a profit a year earlier $ 391 million or 80 cents a share, down about 4%. Revenue for the quarter also fell about 4%, to $ 4.4 billion. According to market research provider FactSet Research survey, analysts on average expected earnings of Nike's second quarter 71 cents, total sales of approximately $ 4.4 billion. This sports shoe giant also said that total worldwide future orders from December 2009 until April of next year rose 4 percent to $ 7 billion, orders rose a leading emerging markets, Japan and North American markets amount of orders were down . Thursday's regular trading stocks, Nike in New York Stock Exchange-listed shares fell 80 cents to close at $ 63.25, down 1.25%. After the earnings announcement, as of 4:29 pm EDT (GMT Friday, 5:29), the stock rose $ 1.60 in after-hours trading to $ 64.85, up 2.53%.Under Armour Curry Two 'Father To Son' will be sold at a particular store today (11/06). We will be responsible for sorting out all the current Facebook sales outlets. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the store's announcement. flagship store loyalty Beijing Railway Station source: Under, Armour, Taiwan design inspiration from the classic shoes under paragraph elements and to be re formed t Cheap jordans online he Adidas Originals NMD will undoubtedly have a considerable influence on the recent shoes circle, simple but a sense of comfort in the bottom shape collocation configuration is popular index jumped too in the near period is the exposure of the latest generation NMD_R2, still use Primeknit technology as the main body of shoe fabric NMD_R2 has obvious change in shape, first through weaving characteristic striped pattern, structure is more rigorous, and the original in at the end of two stable block cancel, only in the rear section to create three-dimensional dent simple beauty in the original design, stable piece inside unchanged except to show the rest of the details are amplified, almost retained primary appearance. Officials have yet to release any relevant selling messages, and interested investigators may have to wait patiently. source: EU KICKS as a new generation of suction ticket machine? Stephen Curry his exclusive boots also ushered in the star color, with dark matter Cosmology (Dark Matter) for inspiration, is a little more than electronic and photonic materials, without charge does not interfere with the electronic, electric magnetic and gravitational wave can pass through this field, and to create Armour Curry 1? Under compared with the brand in the All Star Game Shoes in color, color design is quite special, this color will be in February 13th in New York, the online shop selling limited. news source: sole Retro jordans for sale collector Air Jordan XII mentioned red, should have the nine in ten people think that what was called the "Flu Game classic battle". The design and performance of outstanding shoes is known, but a pair of shoes to become the cross era of classical symbols, is inscribed in the hearts of fans touching story. back in the 1997 NBA championship series of the fifth war, when the bulls and jazz teams before a 2 - 2 draw, so who won can get to brand advantage. However, Michael Jordan match the antecedents of food poisoning, diarrhea is very weak. "Jordan rarely missed shooting in the morning, although it was difficult to imagine how heavy he was when he knew he might keep playing. "Scottie Pippen recalled the day," he said. "He really spent his last breath on the court. Maybe it wasn't the 5 or 60 game he played, but his performance showed it all. Jordan scored 38 points and 7 rebounds and 5 assists, successfully led the bulls to win, to brand advantage to grab, playing time is a staggering 44 minutes after the end of the game, Jordan could stop the physical discomfort, walked off the pitch in the Pippen arm, has become one of the most exciting picture of occupation career favorite the. talk back to the shoe itself, it is worth mentioning that, compared to last 2009 is engraved version of the suede upper with the memorial pattern, back to the original leather material, shoe style details, is almost faithful to the original cla Cheap air jordans for sale ssic reproduction, through the Nice Kicks share photos with real shooting shoes we should savor, believe there are a lot of prospecting shoe has emerged in the presence on the powerful figure in my mind. U. S. region is scheduled for May 28th listing, male models priced at $190, Taiwan pricing NT$6800 yuan, the sale of information to be announced by the official and dealer channels. source: Nice KicksPUMA in the positive development of women's sports market, not only the women's movement and training products won the market praise, but also invited many global female celebrities advocate PUMA new female force exercise attitude, make PUMA lay its unique brand position in the global market of women movement. For two consecutive years by time magazine voted the world's most influential one of the young Kylie Jenner has more than 90 million IG fans, it is every act and every move global fashion circles focus, since 2016 officially joined the PUMA global new female force ranks of the movement and its female lightweight training shoes PUMA Fierce as image shoot endorsement, again for PUMA filming a new female image visual training this year, in addition to setting the good figure and neat style training outfit, Kylie Jenner's new PUMA Fierce Strap foot Flocking training shoes is one of the highlights of the continuation of its eye-catching high imitation suede boots barrel shape, collocation animal totem, suction eye full effec cheap foamposites t. 2017 PUMA Fierce Strap Flocking to upgrade the new lightweight training shoes design inspired by dance rhythm, soft and comfortable breathable uppers collocation shoe body lithe lines neat, no shoe design and high imitation shoe welt tube to show the modern avant-garde and unique sense. In addition, PUMA Fierce Strap Flocking in particular to strengthen the outer sole structure, so that the soles and the ground more tightly, thin forefoot midsole to create lighter rebound feedback, so that each step on the more flexible the neat; body structure overboots and thickening type bottom heel provide support force and stability more complete elastic groove; sole design, let the female foot bring multi direction and rhythm flexibility more powerful in the training exercise. 2017 PUMA Fierce Strap Flocking lightweight women training shoes, pink color blue provides new options, priced 3880 yuan, more product information, please contact: (02) 8751-5160. adidas Originals NMD inspired by classic shoes, but also has a modern sense of functionality and technology, compatible with the past and the future of a unique style, since the publication of a lot of topics. Recently, NMD once again open, "All White" style is bound to cause another concern, all shoes, including Adidas identification signs are pure white style (insoles are not gregarious)! ), simple and clean and easy collocation is one of the reasons why the white shoes and heat Cheap foamposites for sale has not dropped, but the maintenance may spend a lot of effort (laughs), of course, can also be worn as a mark and shoes on record, different stages have different appearance, it is another kind of feeling. source: adidas / Sole Collector was born on 1993, by the Larry? Johnson endorsement? Converse Aero Jam in recent years to return to the market attitude engraved shoes, the brand is the day before the launch of a new color, in order to cater to the winter atmosphere, shoes in black suede shoes and material composition, the white bottom and grey dotted details in the recent sale of foreign regions. news source: Hypebeast? remembers Adidas's Christmas Eve scare series, which was launched on Christmas Eve last year by Nightmare? The comeback of the year, will be the same in the details of the interpretation of Adidas Crazy 8, purple psychedelic pattern collocation shoe body splash in bottom, as sole with luminous effect, quite textured. It will be on sale at 12/20, USA, and there is no news in Taiwan at present. Please look forward to follow-up reports. source: NicekicksApril 14th, learned from relevant aspects, as a major item of the ninth Jinjiang Footwear Fair, "Chinese shoes, the next station" cross strait development TV forum, will be held at the Powerlong Hotel Jinjiang on the afternoon of April 19th.The forum by the Fujian Straits TV, Taiwan's ETTV, jointly organized by the people's Government of Jinjiang. Is Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale following the beginning last year, Fujian Straits TV, Taiwan's ETTV open cross-strait economic and trade activities with in-depth reports, the successful production of "meet 4? 19" large trade chat show, on both sides of the mainstream media together again. The forum will continue to "a pair of shoes on both sides?" way of observation, the cross-strait economic experts, representatives of businesses, interaction, collision, by referring to the international and domestic enterprises in the typical case, analysis of the current situation of Jinjiang shoe industry, explore the "China shoe, the next station" this very thought connotation, seek new impetus for the economic development of Jinjiang, to explore the deeper cooperation and processing and trade on both sides of the footwear industry, so as to promote the footwear industry in Jinjiang industrial upgrading, and Haixi construction suggestions. it is understood that the forum will be broadcast through the Strait of Fujian TV station, Taiwan TV station, Eastern Asia, Eastern Asian American television news. Taiwan Eastern Asian news station Huang Baohui will bring the production team of 6 people, to participate in the report. (Editor: admin)Yesterday to introduce the upcoming release of Air Jordan 6 & champagne; cigar Series suite is ready to let you? As Jordan Brand Michael Jordan commemorative gift, each showing designers with bitter conscience, including the l Cheap foamposites for sale ast exposure to buckle. As one of the highlights of the buckle design, design to the championship rings, were also engraved on both sides of the JORDAN 23 and YOT6 1991 words. 139605253E3250-12D7.jpg (153.59 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-29 09:51 upload 139605253H060-2K55.jpg (143.29 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-29 09:51 upload 139605253IN30-39260.jpg (150.67 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-29 09:51 Air Jordan upload 6, aj6, champagne, champion cigar, cigar 00South Korea , Seoul Source: HYPEBEAST than 1990 classic original lightweight nearly 33% of the Nike Air Max 90 ultra breeze recently ushered in this pair of new release of "scenery" green color. The breathable mesh and synthetic material composed of a shoe body selected army green as the main theme, dark gray fender collocation and the Nike's most representative "infrared" into which create a strong contrast. The pricing of $$130, the shoes have been purchased by search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: HYPEBEAST twinkling stars in the NBA, the big star everyone is wealthy, divorce abandoned wife to them not what important event, Jordan, Rodman, and Jason Kidd these celebrities have a broken marriage, divorced from the of his first wife, and Rockets owner Leslie Alexander, the continuous accumulation of wealth, become rich, also abandoned the their first wives, become a veritable Chen2 SHI4 mei3. I listed the following NBA ten big throw his wife's heart, let us together to review their divorce march. one, Jordan Michael 2006, is said to the God of basketball Michael Jordan, abandoned his Xiangruyimo 17 years wife Juanita, the on the court called the man of God, it is really a after too self centered and ignore the wife's men are polygamous, and smaller than their 15 year old model Yvette & middot; Prieto marriage. two, Rodman - Daniels "Taichong" Rodman and Carmen's marriage lasted only seven days, when he proposed and Kaman at the time of divorce, the reason given almost absurd: "I am drunk momentary stupidity." After the divorce, Rodman also had Maiguai cheaper that said: "before marriage I have warned her." Some time ago, he said: "if not divorce, I'm dying in bed" remarks. three, Jackson Phil "Zen master" in the success of the NBA, his wife Jane behind the silent support. When Jackson met Jeanne Buss, he also lost 25 years Zaokang wife, filed a petition for divorce to the court. four, Ewing - Patrick Ewing despise zaokangzhiqi, a big reason is he often and Dennis Rodman, Jordan, Barkley et al prostitution, Ewing gradually tire of his wife, eventually pay the sum to salary of $10 million, his wife hit a house. five, Alexander (rocket boss) 2003 years, the owner of the rocket from the stock broker Alexander, after having a $1 billion 200 million worth, and his wife nancy. As the saying goes, zaokangzhiqi is down the hall, Alexander after becoming rich, decisively will together ever venture period wife abandoned, even if the pay more than $1 billion breakup fee expense. six, Wade - Dwayne as early as 2007, Wade had to abandon his wife, to the June 2010 divorce case was officially ended. Wade are successful, was once the authoritative magazine as one of the sexiest 50 men, eventually cannot resist the temptation, abandon the old wife. seven, Miller - Lei Ji 1992, Reggie Miller in the magician's match with the model - Maritza Stavrou married. Miller can be marriedIn the Stephen Curry under the leadership of the Jinzhou warriors are still invincible, in just the end of the Christmas also led by LeBron James deliver the goods against the Cleveland cavaliers. This time, Under Armour once again for the superstar with a new color Curry 2 boots. This with the Stephen Curry my understanding of fashion design thinking, design inspirations from the suit, using the classical simple black and white color as the body of the shoe and the main colors, suit and tie emblazoned on the bottom of the tongue, also printed with Stephen Curry I can do all things "motto, and equipped with a shock the excellent properties of Charged polymer in Cushioning chemical base and provide excellent stability of SpeedForm control technology. closer-look-at-under-armour-curry-2-01.jpg (102.51 KB, download number: 6) download Under Armour Curry 2 2015-12-27 14:54 upload closer-look-at-under-armour-curry-2-03.jpg (94.43 KB, download number: 7) download Under Armour Curry 2 2015-12-27 14:54 upload closer-look-at-under-armour-curry-2-02.jpg (90.53 KB, download number: 12) download Under Armour Curry 2 2015-12-27 14:54 upload closer-look-at-under-armour-curry-2-05.jpg (135.25 KB, download number: 17) download Under Armour Curry 2 2015-12-27 14:54 upload closer-look-at-under-armour-curry-2-06.jpg (66.66 KB, download number: 14) Not long ago, Nike Baskerball officially released a special gift for Christmas this year to build, but the absence of Air Jordan 6 but many fans of shoes a little bit disappointed, but recently by the custom master Mache shows the new custom works perhaps could make up the regret. Designers want to send Christmas 2014, selection of shoe fan favorite Air Jordan 6 is the blueprint for the design and production of high-quality green suede shoes collocation of white leather, and red tongue with the shoe body, finally with green crystal outsole. air-jordan-6-christmas-custom-2.jpg (161.14 KB, download number: 12) download Air Jordan 6 Christmas customized version of Christmas 2014-12-16 10:55 upload