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launched the MacBook Pro Touch last year in Apple Corp; Bar notebook computer, and the Apple Corp Touch Bar and Touch ID will join Magic Keyboard patented technology, if not with the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar Touch Bar, but would like to experience the new technology, rather than with a Magic Keyboard, please look forward to. About our contact, privacy policy, advertising, Recruitment Information 2016LONG7.COM, ALL, RIGHTS, RESERVED / POWERED, BY, LONG7, PROFESSIONAL, SNEAKER, MEDIA, Shanghai, ICP, ready for No. ; the owner of SMEs said: "business is more difficult than ten years ago, five years ago." small and micro enterprises are small businesses, micro enterprises collectively. But with the macro-control in 2010, banks are tightening, once was unknown to the public of the small and micro enterprises was introduced in the teeth of the storm, there Small and micro businesses due to funding strand breaks and Small and micro businesses run away.80% rely on its own funds development in Wenzhou, Taizhou, Ningbo and other places; part of the park planning Small and micro businesses, the lack of supporting employment high cost, difficult to recruit people; single Small and micro businesses financing difficulties, and poor communication, become a problem plagued the development of small and micro enterprises. We find that our advantages over the past gradually fade away. Our cheap labor Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale , resources and raw materials, inadequate access to multinational companies, and relatively skewed policies have changed considerably over time. Ask the boss of a small and medium-sized business enterprise, they can say: business is more difficult than ten years ago, five years ago. ; small and medium-sized enterprises is dreaming of tax cuts the traditional industry of small and medium-sized enterprises high tax burden, SMEs are dreaming of tax cuts. I understand a situation of small and medium-sized enterprises, the company responsible person Mr. Li said: a year fought down, the company can earn about 1 million 200 thousand yuan, but all tax is the amount of money. He pinched his fingers one by one: "17% of the value-added tax, this year should be 500 thousand to 600 thousand yuan, because here I arranged for 13 people with employment, per person per year can enjoy 35 thousand yuan rebate, so only need to pay 200 thousand yuan; 25% of the corporate income tax, 125 thousand yuan per year; urban construction tax, education surcharge the travel tax, annual 50 thousand, 80 thousand yuan; pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity and other social insurance premiums 300 thousand yuan per year. As a result, we have to pay 700 thousand yuan of taxes and fees each year, with a net profit of only 500 thousand yuan, and a tax of about 58% of the profits!" SME or usher in the Retro jordans for sale development of spring &nbs)Fujian province "11th Five-Year" to speed up the construction of industrial clusters according to Xinhua news agency, before the introduction of the "Fujian province" in 11th Five-Year "to accelerate industrial agglomeration and cultivating the industrial cluster planning", focus on the development of Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Putian shoes and apparel textile industry cluster, play the role of radiation, accelerate the pace of industrial gradient transfer and sea cooperation, foster the development of northwest of Fujian textile industrial cluster. Quanzhou textile and garment industry cluster. Quanzhou textile clothing has formed from chemical fiber raw materials, cotton textile dyeing and finishing, clothing and surface accessories, clothing accessories production complete production system, has a number of leading backbone enterprises and national and provincial well-known brands. To speed up the industry public service platform and the construction of independent brands, establish and improve the textile and garment, textile industry, textile fabric development, testing center and production base, the implementation of construction of Shishi clothing city, New Silk Road (Jinjiang) international garment (Quanzhou) innovation base and other key projects, accelerate the specialization, socialization and collaboration set intensive management and the pace cheap foamposites of international development, export growth mode, to further strengthen the role of the textile industry center. Changle textile industry cluster. Changle textile industry cluster has formed a relatively complete industrial chain from raw materials (cotton spinning, chemical fiber) to weaving (warp knitting, weft knitting, weaving), printing and dyeing industry, and clothing and apparel industry. To speed up structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and constantly improve the industrial chain, and improve the quality of cotton and warp knitting products in Changle, grades and visibility. Changle (Jin Feng) to further develop the textile market, Changle textile industry information research center, Changle Textile Industry Association and financing institutions such as Guarantee Corporation, strengthen its marketing, new product development and promotion of new technologies, capital measures and other aspects of the function, bigger and stronger cotton and characteristics of warp knitting industry, consolidate the largest cotton production in Fujian base status. Quanzhou footwear industry cluster. The leading products in Jinjiang, Shishi, Huian shoe industry cluster for sports shoes, travel shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes, has been formed from, chemical raw materials, shoe to digital tooling specialization system, with a number of well-known brands, professional market and scale more perf Cheap foamposites for sale ect, strong international professional the exhibition. To increase the independent brand development, to further strengthen the "China shoes" status, promote the expansion to the surrounding area shoe industry cluster, forming professional park, and attract Chinese Taiwan footwear industry leading enterprises and international well-known brands to establish processing base, promote structural optimization and industrial upgrading. Constantly improve the industry supporting capacity, and gradually built a collection of development, manufacturing, exhibition, trade, information and other functions in one of the international footwear center. Putian footwear industry cluster. Establish and improve the national footwear market, the creation of provincial technology development base, establish the quality standard of international environmental protection guarantee system, strengthening the footwear industry cluster market system and public service system construction. Relying on industrial parks to create brand products.)Fan: often commissioning editor date: 2017-6-2 HD: Hyperdunk 2017 release Green became the first player in "can be put on the latest Hyperdunk for me to know that this is unusual, Nike basketball superstar, the world are gathered here and I was the first to experience this new technology, feel unbelievable. Mom, I did it! When people mention Nike, the first thought is the continuation of d Cheap jordans online ecades of classic, "Green said. "This shoe is light and resilient, allowing me to sprint and move whatever I want on the court."& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] NIKE + RUNNING applications since its launch, there are more than more than twenty million subscribers. In August, the runner through the NIKE + Coach features open 12 weeks a marathon season training. Then in September, Nike Distance Runners Mo? Farah (Mo Farah) and Galen? Rupp (Galen Rupp) NIKE ZOOM in fast trip personally involved training 150 members of Shanghai marathon Nike leader. Following last year's "run to understand 'call for more people to participate in the running this year, the re-launch of the marketing campaign," went mad "is further desirable to motivate them to stick to run down, which found more unexpected fun. thirty-five thousand runners after 12 weeks of hard training, on Sunday, we will gather in Shanghai International Marathon. Eve of the game, Nike track and field athletes from Shanghai Liu Xiang also expressed contestants blessing and encouragement, while sharing his experience for the "went mad": "Running charm often that every endeavor to complete their challenge , and it is this breakthrough will make you stick with the more feel the charm of running. " "went mad" inspired runners remain committed to the running Nike launched the "go mad" market activity, performance whatever Cheap air jordans for sale reason runners started running, when he really fell in love with running, will more run more vigorously, more run more fascinating. In the second track of the Shanghai International Marathon, Nike also set up a number of major Lot "went mad" visual theme advertising, cheer for the runners. NIKE + runners Community Service Nike has been committed to continuously improve training run applications and humane social groups, so as to provide a better online experience runners. NIKE + RUNNING applications since its launch, there are more than more than twenty million subscribers. Whether the Shanghai International Marathon, or training can open weekdays NIKE + RUNNING recording a run applications and share it with friends via multiple social platforms. In order to facilitate more professional marathon runner customized training programs, NIKE + RUNNING launched the online "NIKE + coach" function, through the collection of Nike's top athletes and coaches resources advice program, to provide training for the different levels at different distances runners plan. NIKE + RUN CLUB micro-channel platform together national marathon coach Tao Shaoming marathon training program designed to help runners more scientific training. New "about running" feature is designed to encourage the runners ran to find like-minded friends together to start running, no longer alone. By "about running", NIKE + RUN CLUB run corpora Cheap foamposites for sale tion will build up a new way. Three features include creating your own running activities, so that more people join together to run functions; optional on the map for their own run group, with its own time and place as well as support to run mission PK function, the cumulative strength for your running group Select other group ran one to compete. online tournament leader who Nike manuals and professional service Race eve Shanghai Marathon, Nike introduced the Shanghai Marathon races online manual, for the players to provide comprehensive event guide, thus facilitating the players receive running equipment. From September through Nike NIKE + RUN CLUB micro-channel platform opens the lead member recruitment activities, according to the enrollment age players with speed, etc., a selection of more than 150 leading members, provide professional equipment, and invited them to carry out professional marathon coach 8-week training program. Eventually these Nike leader who will provide professional event 35,000 runners leader name service. Nike is also the leading member of the service extended to the line, let the players according to their own pace and choose the right choice to lead the staff. lead more women runners start a new journey Today, more and more young women like on the treadmill, and fascinated. 2014 Shanghai International Marathon Half female ratio compared to last year, the growth rate of over 8%. For the Shanghai Marathon, Nike specifically for women runners provide a more extensive and intimate experience of running the service. Since early September, Nike in the whole Shanghai 13 universities enroll 10 km run for the girls to provide a period of eight weeks of running and Nike Training Club training courses, and provide the relevant running close packs, to help them better accomplish challenge, thereby encouraging more girls interested in running their own open running journey. winter running equipment Nike is also in the winter for the runners to provide professional running equipment, bring extraordinary comfort, visibility and protection, victory inclement weather, thus fearless runners, run free. Now available on (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)Skateboard brand Vans's feeder Vans California recently brought the new "Batik" series for the summer of 2014. Including Era CA and Chukka CA two pairs of signs in the design outline, using the printing pattern Indonesia traditional batik "Batik" will appear in the upper nation full of color, with metal lacing control as part of the details, and then carry white is vulcanized rubber. Currently, the series has been purchased through the Vans California designated stores and online stores. 0.jpg (240.76 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-8-5 upload at 10:33 1.jpg (160.66 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-8-5 upload at 10:33 2014As a well-known sports brand, Adidas running shoes have names and characteristics of their own, like BB4406 ( is a black knight running shoes, uppers made of fabric and synthetic leather mixture, and online eye poromeric bonded design, greatly enhance the air flow inside the shoe sole, keep feet dry; Adidas BB4406 is based on the color white, color collocation of different choices, let your feet fashion show vitality; BB4406 shoes with rubber outsole provides a stronger grip and slip resistant; Cloudfoam exclusive light shock, let you walk through the cloud, to travel freely. so in the choice of Adidas shoes BB440, with a Puma p89443 59302701 (, so they have a better sports fan. our concern is not high New Balance 530 in the year has launched several new color matching, and the recently launched a new let us shine at the moment, grey suede fur fiber excellent texture, clearly visible in the recent shoes all belong to the rare class. This year's running craze sweeping the country, various trendsetter have joined in the boom, for all running in addition to professional more handsome, so Nike flagship Flyknit series this year has become one of the members required. Just a few days ago we reported a new color Flyknit series on the news today as you call Flyknit Trainer+ new color preview, ultra light shoe body with black and white collocation in the bottom set of blue, the whole pair of shoes is a bit more than the low-key mensao. The new color will go on sale early next year, and as the Flyknit series continues to grow, it will continue to be hot in the coming year. 2012-11-28 12:05 upload and download attachments (100.52 KB) 2012-11-28 upload and download attachments at 12:05 (108.95, KB) 2012-11-28 upload and download attachments at 12:05 (108.02, KB) 2012-11-28 upload and download attachments at 12:05 (98.08, KB) 2012-11-28 upload and download attachments at 12:05 (97.63, KB) Physical exposure Nike Zoom Huarache TR New York suit tricolor 2013-12-08 22:30:34 Nike Zoom Huarache TR has been a lot of friends concerned about the shoes, classic shoes Huarache concept is a good interpretation. Just recently, the network exposure the three "NYC" logo of the New York-color Nike Zoom Huarache TR, aroused discussion, "NYC" logo is not the first time we see these shoes on, as early as 1996, one pair of Air Force 1 Mid there have been times Logo, which brought three pairs by the Mayor of New York Nike Zoom Huarache TR suit what we do not know will not be available for sale, please continue to focus on follow-up information packets SIZE shoes.